Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted Posted on 2015-03-22


As empty as the words of murderers
masking gangster-like executions behind justifications
ripped like raw flesh from the bones of the Holy Book.

As empty as the words of a professional liar,
as he glibly dismisses the political aspirations of a people rendered invisible behind the ghetto walls of their manufactured despair.

As empty as the arguments positing Shiites and Sunnis have always been at each others’ throat, so who needs to consider invasions and occupations, imperial strategy or energy politics when debating their self-destructive barbarism.

As empty as the hearts of the gangsters and banksters and their puppet politicians, making life and death decisions that disregard the wellbeing of everyone except themselves.
As empty as the hollow tips of the bullets being dispensed to
law enforcement agencies of the state, across the land, to
insure that the victim’s version of events is never heard by a Grand Jury.

As empty as the dark hearts, which like the vampires they are, shrivel away from the approaching light of a dawning day of truth. Do not be a vacuous soul, leading an empty life, waiting to be
recruited into an army of gloom. Fill your heart with light, the very foundation of life and go forth to challenge the armies of darkness, for light and darkness cannot coexist. Darkness owes its existence to one thing: the absence of light.

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