A Thanksgiving Prayer


Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted Posted on 2014-11-27


Let us give thanks for blessings we behold,
Blessings transcending wealth –silver and gold.
Let us remember those who’ve lost their way,
Let us remember solemnly to pray.

And as we fall down humbly on our knees,
Let us give thanks for hearts that aren’t diseased.
For thankfulness is a sign of hearts’ health,
And graciousness the source of all true wealth.

So thank our Lord for food, for drink, for bed,
For peace of mind and clarity of head.
So thank our Lord for blessing us to pray,
And work so others know a brighter day.

Let’s ask our Lord to end Ebola’s scourge,
And from our lands all bloodshed will He purge.
And ask our Lord to strengthen our spines,
To stand for the defense of Palestine.

Let’s thank our Lord if we can stand and fight,
For truth, for justice, knowing wrong from right.
Let’s thank our Lord for happiness, not fun,
Let’s thank our Lord if pens become our guns.

Pick up your pen and speak the word of truth,
And let your words ring out they’ll be your proof.
When truth is strong its voice can’t be ignored,
The pen always has more might than the sword.

So thank the Lord if your truth’s not denied,
So thank the Lord when your will is applied,
So thank the Lord if you can stand for right,
And thank the Lord for guiding to His Light.

Imam Zaid Shakir

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