How Deep Is Your Love


Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted Posted on 2015-06-30


Perhaps the greatest hit recording of the popular 1970’s disco era singing group, The Bee Gees, was “How Deep Is Your Love.” Among the lyrics of that song were the following touching words:

“I believe in you
You know the door to my very soul
You’re the light in my deepest, darkest hour
You’re my savior when I fall
And you may not think I care for you
When you know down inside that I really do
And it’s me you need to show
How deep is your love, how deep is your love
How deep is your love?”

The Australian crooners were likely pleading to an imaginary lover, however, their words could fittingly be directed towards the Divine, with a particular exception -”...and it’s me you need to show; how deep is your love?”
Our Lord does not need to show us anything, but, in reality, He is constantly showing us the depth of His love, if we choose to look. It is we who need to show Him the depth of our love. How deep is OUR love? Is it deep enough to keep us enthusiastically and energetically fasting and praying Tarawih after the initial excitement of Ramadan has worn off? Is it deep enough to make us proud to be Muslims when the actions of terrorists claiming Islam urge us to disassociate ourselves from this religion out of horror, shock or simple embarrassment? Is it deep enough to push us to vigorously question the arguments of the atheists before plunging ourselves into a “faith crisis?” Is it deep enough to urge us to turn off the television and pick up the Qur’an during this time when the Scripture is to be celebrated? Is it deep enough to move us beyond making excuses for what we should be doing as followers of the last Messenger, peace upon him, sent by Almighty God to humanity to living lives of pure devotion that leave no room for excuses? Is it deep enough to move us to tears when we reflect on the great opportunity for forgiveness and the other manifestations of divine grace extended to us by our Lord during Ramadan?

Brothers and sisters, you all know endless questions we could be asking along these lines. Hence, we will conclude with the question we should all be asking ourselves: How deep is your love?

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