The Treachery of The “International Community” on Syria


Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted Posted on 2016-08-02



The treachery of the “international community” towards the Syrian people is reaching a disgusting climax. It is obvious that the United States has cut a deal with the Russians, hence, indirectly, the Syrian regime, to combine forces to go after ISIS and other “terrorist” groups. In exchange for the cooperation of Russia and the Assad regime on that front the US will end its token support for the popular resistance that is holding on for dear life in besieged areas like Aleppo, Darayya and elsewhere.

Promises of aid convoys, humanitarian evacuations, medical missions and cease fires have proven as hollow as Hillary Clinton’s promise, which did not make it into the text of her nomination acceptance speech, of a no-fly zone. The insult of these empty promises is compounded by the injury of the barrel bombs and artillery shells that are raining down on the besieged areas with wanton impunity. As a result, hundreds of thousands of innocent people are threatened with starvation and massacre.

Our policy makers should realize that their duplicity and inaction are forcing many people who were former supporters of the “moderate” opposition and popular resistance into the camp of the ISIS and other more radical groups. Hence, a policy allegedly designed to end the terrorist threat will only exacerbate it. Allah knows best.

We pray that solutions that will assist in damping down the escalating sectarian violence in Syria will prevail and that the western powers, starting with the United States, will make good on their promises to end the siege of all of those areas currently tasting the bitter brutality of the Syrian regime and its Russian, Iranian and Hizbollah allies. We pray that all sides drop their weapons and come to the peace table as Muslims, and find the faith, mercy, mutual respect and goodwill needed to solve their differences with no further destruction and loss of life. May Allah bless the people of Syria to know the peace, security and tolerance they once enjoyed.

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