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Order the famous 2012 Longing for the Divine calendar at

View calendar preview here  

Get an automatic $4 discount on your calendar!


Get  FREE greeting cards for contributing more towards NID.



Each calendar purchased = $2 donated to NID 


Get 25+ calendars for $6 each. Then sell to raise funds for your group and/or a charity.  Pay after 30 days. Calendars sell well from December to March.


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Andalusian Arts has put out its 11th annual 'Longing for the Divine' calendar. As winners of multiple Calendar Marketing Association awards, a first for a Muslim calendar, they make perfect gifts for your Muslim or non-Muslim friends. The calendar features breathtaking photos from the Muslim world, dates from the Islamic and Gregorian calendars, and inspirational Islamic quotes. Over 135,000 copies have been sold even in mainstream venues such as Borders and See images from the 2012 calendar here and the testimonials below.  


Vertical CalendarThe Campaign

New Islamic Directions and Andalusian Arts have teamed up for this exciting calendar campaign initiative. If you go and place an order, you'll get a $4 discount on your calendar, a price you won't beat anywhere else online. But that's not all: up to $2 will be donated to NID for each calendar purchased. The more calendars you order, the bigger discounts you get, and the more money donated! Here's a breakdown of the discounts you'll get with this special offer. 



Price Per Calendar*

Savings Per calendar



















*Different prices will apply to orders outside the USA.  

Email to inquire. 


Bulk Orders for Your Group




Many mosques, MSAs and businesses order in bulk to sell or give as gifts. Calendars cost $6 each when you order at least 25 copies. To make it even easier, you can pay 30 days after receiving your calendars. Calendars sell easily at Friday prayers, Islamic schools, and social events. You can also sell them for charity. Try selling the calendars for $20 each, giving $10 to Somalia's hunger victims or any other cause.  


Email for bulk orders.

Free Greeting Cards for One-Time Donations 


New Islamic Directions is striving to ensure self sustainability and support its work by raising funds. This support helps us to budget, hire staff, and sustain operations to further the spread of Islamic knowledge.  On your calendar order form, choose to make a one-time donation to NID. For every $5 donated, you will receive a free Andalusian Arts greeting card. Greeting cards feature the same award-winning photographs that have been featured in the calendars and can be used for any occasion with friends and family. 



Praise for "Longing for the Divine"


"...beautifully designed and produced...visually compelling, and the quotes inspiring."

- ROCHELLE KESSLER, Curator Los Angeles County Museum of Art


"...Congratulations for a splendid calendar, truly exceptional! The one striking thing is the unity of spirit shining through. It says clearly: This is what we really are. Bravo!"

- MOSTAFA BADAWI, Author of Man and the Universe


"...a calendar that will lift your heart and open your mind..."

- ROBERT ARNDT, Editor, Aramco World


"...this exquisite and elegant calendar reminds us of the breathtaking beauty and tranquility that typifies traditional Islam..."

- S. A. SCHLEIFER, Director, Adham Center, American University in Cairo


"I am not a Muslim, but as I gaze on these beautiful photographs...peace comes to me."

- PAMELA NICE, Associate Director Center for Faculty Development,

University of St. Thomas


"...a genuine piece of art I have rarely been so impressed..."

-          MAY SEIKLAY, Associate Professor,

Department of Near Eastern. Studies, Wayne University

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