Service with Zaytuna College and Berkeley Muslim Students’ Association

Reflections from the Dartmouth Chaplaincy

By Maryam Zafer

“Our first day took us to the UC Berkeley campus where students of Zaytuna College greeted our 13 enthusiastic trip members soaked from the characteristic early-Spring Northern California downpour. The plan for the day was to attend Friday Muslim prayer services with our hosts, after which we would participate in their Project Downtown food distribution program and then to end our trip in classic Faith-In-Action reflection.

We then left the park and gathered in a building near Berkeley campus that is the home to Zaytuna College. Sitting around Halal dinner, we reflected on the day, homelessness, and then discussed the Islamo-phobic trend in political events. Toward the end we were joined by Imam Zaid Shakir, a co-founder of Zaytuna College, who posed to all of us this question: what is the purpose of your generation? ................

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