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By Imam Zaid Shakir

About New Islamic Directions

This website is dedicated to bringing to our visitors a fair and balanced presentation of Islam and its basic teachings. We are a balanced nation whose historical advance has only been possible when that balance created the spiritual and intellectual space for some of the most brilliant minds known to humanity to flourish. That flourishing resulted in the legal genius displayed by the likes of Abu Hanifa, Malik and Ash-Shafi’i. It led to the principled defense of Islam, and the diligent preservation of its foundational texts by the likes of Imam Ahmad. It led to the theolgical genius displayed by the likes of Imam al-Ghazali. And it led to the sustaining spiritual sobriety of countless sages such as Al-Muhasibi, Abu Talib Makki and others.

It is our desire to see Muslims, especially here in the West, avoid the historical tendencies that have resulted in fragmentation and the loss of influence for our Ummah, by benefiting from our wealthy heritage. Through a sound understanding of this religion, much good will result. In fact, we believe that such a result is inevitable as our Beloved Prophet, Peace and Blessings of Allah upon him has said, “Whoever Allah desires good for, He gives him a sound understanding of the religion,” (Al-Bukhari). We also are dedicated to making the lectures, writings, and other material produced by Imam Zaid Shakir available to a wide audience. Imam Zaid has benefited from long years working to advance Islam and has much to offer, not only to Muslims in the West, but also to a wider international audience. Trained in both Western social sciences and Islam, Imam Zaid is uniquely qualified as a commentator on current events, and as a presenter of Islam. It is our sincere hope that this site will be able to present you with a wealth of information mined from the classical sources of our enduring tradition, and refined in the light of current demands and realities.


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