New Islamic Directions

By Imam Zaid Shakir

Our Hearts Are Calling

Posted in articles by Imam Zaid Shakir on 2010-05-16 Thumb

Our hearts are calling out to us,
into the dark and maddening night.
Our hearts are calling out to us,
to seize our hands and lead us right.

Too blinded are we by the glare,
of power, money, war and fame?
Yet with perverse and blinded eyes,
we ignore poverty and pain.

We put a price on everything,
the land, the trees, the wind, the seas,
And if our wretched claws could grasp,
we’d even steal the summer breeze.

The oil comes forth and soils the ground,
and stains our hearts with equal share,
The stench of what our hands have wrought
reveals a soul that’s dark and bare.

Yet, will we sit and fester here,
or shall we rise and fight the beast.
To storm the tyrant’s barricades,
to crash his filthy bloodlust feast.

Defending those who’ve lost all hope,
who live in darkness and despair.
To let them know another way,
a life defined by love and care.

A life defined by servitude,
to God, to neighbor, kith and kin.
A life defined by gratitude,
with dignity the prize to win.

Can we all make it to that place
and sacrifice so very much
of what the world has made us all;
and cast away the crippling crutch?

The crutch of there’s no other way
than what before our eyes we see.
The crutch of there’s no other choice
Devil’s checkmate, fait accompli !

Have we attained to history’s end,
Oppressor trampling on oppressed?
Have we become so sinister
that there’s no wrong we can redress?

So will we listen to our hearts,
and will we heed their desperate call,
to lead our brothers to the light,
or deeper into darkness crawl?

Imam Zaid Shakir


By Hasna' on May 18, 2010 at 4:19am

I love your poetry Uncle Zaid... this line really resonated with me.. so i posted it on my facebook status We put a price on everything, the land, the trees, the wind, the seas, And if our wretched claws could grasp, we

By Shawn Taylor on September 12, 2010 at 4:32am

Al-hamdu-lilah,this is beautiful poetry Imam Zaid. It is a great reminder of the influences on the heart, positive and negative. We must be ever vigilant, and ask for Allah's help in the purification of our hearts and to save our hearts from falling into a permanent abyss of darkness that lead to eternal damnation. May Allah bless us all to go before Him with a pure heart Amen!

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