New Islamic Directions

By Imam Zaid Shakir

REFLECTIONS with Imam Zaid Shakir - "The Gods Have to Go"
In this Reflections, Ta'leef Collective Board Chair IMAM ZAID SHAKIR discusses compromise, and need for Muslims to approach with caution how they ... {item_link}
Stephon Clark Memorial Service: Call For Action and Unity - Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir powerful call for action and unity speech at Stephon Clark's Memorial Service. [Correction] 1 person was shot by the cops in 71 years in ... {item_link}
"Never Going to Catch the Dunya" Funny Story by Imam Zaid Shakir
An excerpt of Imam Zaid Shakir's Halaqa "Be an Example and Represent Islam" given at The University of Texas at Austin. About Zaytuna College: Phase III of ... {item_link}
Green Ramadan - by Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir encourages the importance of the community to support the nation's "green initiative" by cultivating a healthy sense of an ecological, ... {item_link}
All Lives Are Sanctified - Imam Zaid Shakir
Dec. 11, 2015, Imam Zaid Shakir discusses the importance of valuing all life. Khutbah held at MCC (Muslim Community Center), Pleasanton, CA. {item_link}
Wise Words with Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir says, "listen, we have non-Muslim women wearing hijab in solidarity with our Muslim sisters, and brothers can't put anything on their head? {item_link}
Uphold Innocent Life Imam Zaid Shakir 5 5 10.mp4
This brief address emphasizes how important it is for Muslims to uphold the sanctity of innocent life. The targeting of innocents has no place in Islamic teachings ... {item_link}
Debating The Merits of Religion: Does It Do More Harm Than Good ?
Muslim scholar Imam Zaid Shakir, evangelical Christian Larry Alex, and Atheist scholar Daniel Dennett debate Third Rail, Al-Jazeera America, May 17, 2015. {item_link}
Love For Allah Does Not Come Cheap - Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir emphasizes the commitment to love Allah, "love for your brother what you love for yourself", and its profound impact for the Muslims and ... {item_link}
The Ahmad Project - Give Our Little Brother Arms! by Imam Zaid Shakir
Ahmad, a young Syrian refugee, has no arms. Let us show him how much we care about his medical treatment today and future tomorrow! Organized and ... {item_link}
Where Is Allah? by Imam Zaid Shakir
(video incomplete) In light of current events, Imam Zaid Shakir discusses how the world is a trial for the believer, and the essence of this life is to worship Allah ... {item_link}
Transcend This World - by Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir expounds on the crises of despair in society, impact on the Muslim community, and the cure for this disease. Livestream Sermon at Lighthouse ... {item_link}
Be A Light In The World - by Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir emphasizes the importance of being a spiritual light in non-material terms in order to offer the world a different way of seeing reality. Sermon ... {item_link}
Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir briefly reflects on Dr. King's struggle at the King Memorial in Atlanta, GA. 2016. {item_link}
Philosophical Significance of Hajj - Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir discusses the deeper meaning of performing Hajj that involves casting off base human characteristics and adorning lofty Godly characteristics ... {item_link}
Islam A Religion of Struggle - Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir discusses the prerequisites for a believer to hasten to pray on time, seek repentance from sins, pay zakat, and not jeopardize the soul from ... {item_link}
Muhammad Ali's Janazah & Memorial Service Led by Imam Zaid Shakir
Behind the scenes highlight videos and photos taken by Tariq Subhani while assisting Imam Zaid Shakir during the Janazah prayer and Memorial Service of ... {item_link}
Islam In America - by Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir speaks about Islam in America and the influence of Edward Blyden and Marcus Garvey on the acceptance of Islam by Africans in America. ... {item_link}
Relationship With Allah, Ourselves and People - by Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir discusses a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) narrated by Abu Thar (RA), be mindful of Allah, a good action ... {item_link}
Bay Area Vigil Against Islamophobia - Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir joined the interfaith community vigil and spoke against Islamophobia to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters in New Zealand, and all ... {item_link}
Do All Lives Matter? - Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid Shakir states God has sanctified life and murder of unarmed innocent human beings is a violation and crime against public order. He clarifies unique ... {item_link}

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