New Islamic Directions

By Imam Zaid Shakir

Islamic Civilization: Myth or Reality? 2 CD set

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Talk given at the Florida Deen Intensive
Total Running Time= 130 minutes

Tracks Include:
1. Definition of Civilization
2. Islamic History in Light of Civilization
3. Islam: A Unique Understanding of Monotheism
4. Islamic Civilization is Assimilative
5. Advancement of Islamic Sciences
6. Systems of Social Sciences and Social Institutions
7. Islamic Civilizations are Faith Based
8. System of Spiritual Purification
9. Readings on past institutions in Damascus
10. What is the definition of Spiritual purification?
11. Do you have to be a Muslim to die as a martyr?
12. Are there ways of leveraging benefits from globalization?
13. Why is the love for the Prophet(pbuh) downplayed in our times?
14. Response to those who say the four Imams have reached human perfection.
15. What are the responsibilites when reconciling with friends?
16. Do you feel using suicide operations is a wise strategy?
17. Does using terms such as “Ethiopian Slaves” encourage racism?

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