New Islamic Directions

By Imam Zaid Shakir

The Rise & Fall Of The Ummah

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Guided by the astute insight of notable scholar Imam Zaid Shakir, this recording provides an enlightening and incisive examination of the social, economic, cultural and political decline of the Muslim ummah as a dominate global actor. From the impact and implications of Western global expansion to the deterioration of the classical Islamic educational system, this informative series of lectures takes a wide-ranging look at the internal and external forces that shaped the dramatic shift in the role and influence of Muslim civilization in the world.

Giving the listener a comprehensive breakdown of the numerous opinions regarding the cause of the Muslim decline, Imam Zaid draws from and accesses the varied efforts and theories of significant political reformists, modernist movements, Western orientalists, and Islam&#8217s distinguished religious scholars. This important course offers a masterful balance between a political-material analysis and the traditional Islamic worldview, clarifying this complex historical topic, highlighting the rays of hope in the darkness, and proposing the actions and means by which the Muslim ummah may rise again.

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