Exploring the intersection of faith and race on ‘In Conversation’


November 20, 2021 at 6:29 am

    In Conversation

    The phrase “thoughts and prayers” has become overused almost to the
    point of cliché, but using faith and worship as a tool to get through hardship
    is as old as recorded history.

    This week on “In Conversation,” we explored the role of religion in healing
    from the traumatic events of 2020 — a particularly poignant question to ponder
    here in Louisville, where protesters spent a good part of last year fighting for
    racial justice.

    Louisville’s 25th annual Festival of Faiths is underway this weekend,
    and some of the panelists joined us to explore this year’s theme, faith and race.

    The festival is produced by the Center for Interfaith Relations,
    an organization dedicated to celebrating the city’s diverse faith
    landscape. This year, the planning process went beyond the center’s
    walls, tapping community leaders from Simmons College, Spalding
    University, the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, and the Louisville
    Presbyterian Theological Seminary to help curate.

    Here are the guest you’ll hear on our show this week:

    Listen to the show: https://wfpl.org/exploring-the-intersection-of-faith-and-race-on-in-conversation/