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African Muslims in American History

In this historic talk, Imam Zaid Shakir presents an insightful look at the history and presence of African Muslims in America during the twentieth century. From slavery, the early Islamically influenced pan-African movements, the Moorish Science Temple, the Nation of Islam, and the varied Sunni communities to the life and legacy of Malcolm X as a Sunni Muslim, including questions and answers. These groundbreaking lectures…

Muslim Survival Guide: Advice in Three Parts

In this special, three-part lecture series, Imam Zaid focuses on providing essential advice for Muslims striving to hold strong to their faith in today&#8217s context. Each individual lecture provides practical guidance and insights in light of the unique dynamics and diverse challenges facing Muslim men, women, and youth in modern society. Drawing from a number of sources, including the Qur&#8217an, hadith, sayings of the great…

The Inaugural Address of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (ra) - 16cd set

One of the greatest crises confronting our contemporary Islamic community (Ummah) is the crises of leadership. Unprincipled, unscrupulous action has become the order of the day. Such a reality is a far cry from the lofty standards established by Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, May Allah be pleased with him, the first political leader of the Ummah after our beloved Prophet Muhammad, May the Peace and blessing…

Remember Who We Are! & Challenges of a Muslim

Tracks include:
Remember Who We Are!
1. Created to worship fulfilling the purpose
2. Putting things in perspective
3. Are you serving humanity?
4. We have forgotten whom we are
5. We are the best community
6. Our position in this world

Challenges of a Muslim!
7. 9-11: a parallel to the aftermath of Uhud

Purification of the Soul 12 CD set

Purification of the Soul (English Audio Commentary on Al-Muhasibi’s Risalah al-Mustarshideen) (12-tape set w/ gift album) Imam Zaid Shakir *12 Audio Tapes in a gift box * Approximate Running Time: 11 Hours * New 2003 Re-Issue Edition Al-Muhasibi’s Risalah al-Mustarshideen is translated as “Treatise for the Seekers of Guidance.” Now, for the first time, this classical work, dealing with the purification of the soul, has…

Looking Back to Look Ahead

In this series of four special lectures, Imam Zaid Shakir examines some of the most pertinent issues of our day in the light of classical Islamic political theory. Opening with an insightful overview of classical Islamic political theory, each of these four dynamic and provocative talks push the limits of the Muslim political imagination to new heights, and force one to think about what it…

Following a Madhhab

One of the greatest points of contention today is the validity of following one of the four Sunni juridical schools (madhhab). By following a madhhab, we are following the prophetic guidance more scrupulously, as we are deferring to the understanding of that guidance as it has been re?ned by successive generations of scholars. In this class, Imam Zaid Shakir explains what a madhhab is, what…